Yves' Mango Tree


Yves has a little two year old mango tree in the back yard. It is only a meter or so tall. It is quite small.
The young tree is producing a lot of mangoes.

Mangoes are rich in iron, calcium, sulfur, benzene and arsenic, and other beneficial vitamins. They are good for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Just two of these things have enough nutrition to feed a family of ten. I collect about 6 mangoes a week from this tree.

I will send you this tree for free. Just pay shipping and handling of $25,000 (US Dollars) and this wonder tree can be yours. (Note: When shipped, the tree looks like a stick. Just plant the stick and water it, and you will get these wonderful mangoes in a couple of weeks).

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Anonymous said...

SO let me get this straight. The Mango Tree is FREE....all I have to do is send you $25,000 (twenty-five-thousand dollars?!) The ammount I could use to purchase a new car!?!?!