What is outside the universe

Following up on yesterday's post, I am doing more musing on the nature of the universe. Scientists, who are bound by math and experimentation and all that boring proof stuff tell us that the universe is folded back on itself and has no edges. They say that it is like a soap bubble where if you set off in one direction you would end up exactly where you started (eventually). That is like some places on the prairie in Saskatchewan, where all you can see in any direction is the back of your head.

But come on. If the universe started out as a single point, and 'sploded in the Big Bang, it must have been somewhere. Scientists (again what do they know), say that space didn't exist. It came about in the Big Bang. So what was there, before the universe? If there is one thing that we are learning, is that there is no such thing as total nothingness. Yet scientists insists that pre-universe, it was like a turd with the crap kicked out it -- pure nothingness.

I have a problem with the broad statement that the universe has no edges. I can understand how it appears to have no edges, such as if you decide to walk to the edge of the earth, you will never get to it (unless you come to Newfoundland). But you can always go up and get off the earth. So there must be yet another dimension that allows us to get out of the universe. It is sort of like an up after you use your first up.

Superstring theory tells us that there are 11 dimensions. Even Stephen Hawking in his book talks about space-time foam where the universe still hasn't formed the solidus of space-time that we live in, and the space time sort of peters out, like your chances of taking home a pretty girl the closer that you get to last call. So there has gotta be an edge to the universe.

So I got this flash of inspiration. Suppose where the universe is, is a seething sea of chaotic dimension membranes or branes, and the Big Bang is the equivalent of a supernova in our conventional universe. Instead of shedding matter into space, the supernova is the event that sheds a pile of dimensions and creates yet another universe. Our closest universe neighbour has done the same thing, but has come away with a different set of dimensions than ours. We got space-time and such, and they got space-time and the psychedelic dimension where you don't need hallucinogens.

This can account for the dark matter, and the dark energy and a whole pile of other stuff that is a current head scratcher for those scientists bound by rigorous mathematical proof of theories and experimentation.

I am sitting at home waiting for my Nobel Prize in Physics. I could use the cash to enter the Ferrari dimension. And I would still kill for a Nobel Peace Prize.

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