West Indian Chiton II

In July of 2008, I wrote in this blog how I came to find out about West Indian Chiton. These things look like a dinosaur barnacle. A security guard showed me that these things were not only edible, but delicious. They are a bit crunchy like conch, but still highly edible.

I get a lot of Google hits on the article, and the question is always the same "Are West Indian Chiton edible?" The answer is yes.

Yesterday, I photographed a whole load of them at Golf Ball beach. The pictures are above. Just as a matter of interest, the natives consider these things to have Viagra properties. They call this Caribbean Viagra. When I tried chiton, I couldn't tell if it were true. I am on the beach every day, and I am quite hardened to the constant scene of semi-naked nubile female bodies, so I didn't notice anything out of the ordinary.

If you want to read the original Chiton article, please click HERE.

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