Tropical Headgear

In Canada and the US, headgear has been largely abandoned by adults. Sure they wear sunhats, and one sees the ubiquitous baseball cap, but large ornate things sitting on the head has gone out of vogue.

Not so in the tropics. I was reading an online gossip page, and they had pictures of society people in these tropics. The first was of a Justice of the Supreme Court. At first glance, I thought that the picture below was a joke.
The justices wear woolen wigs in the British tradition of several hundred years ago. To me, they look cartoonish. There is no way that I would put a dead piece of sheep hide on my head, to let folks know how important I am.

And the woman in the picture below was at church.

It looks like a stealth UFO has landed on her head. I believe that this woman is the prime minister's wife.

The headgear seems to serve as tools of self-aggrandizement. It seems that the largest or strangest thing atop your head signifies your importance in this society. At the Red Cross Ball, the men wore top hats. I think a Dr. Seuss hat shop would really go well here.

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