Summer, and a Stabbing on Cabbage Beach

Summer has come in the tropics when the poinciana trees bloom. This isn't the most stunning example of blooms that I saw, but it was handy. It is across the street. Yesterday on Prince Charles Drive, I saw a line of them that turned the street into shades of red and orange.

I met a German woman last night who was a naturalized French citizen named Christiane Wesche who has worked in the cosmetics and skin care business for many years. She is the founder of the Paris Bahamas line of organic, natural skin care products and uses the oil of the seeds from poinciana trees as well as the extract from sea grape leaves in her products. I predict that this line will be a success since she tries to build in anti-oxidant qualities into her products.

And Now For Something Completely Different --Disturbing Summer Scene

And in other summer shenanigans, I have a very disturbing Youtube video. At the top of the blog is Cabbage Beach. It is where I swim each day. It is near where I spearfish, snorkel and collect golf balls. It is beautiful.

It is also inhabited by undesirable animals called jetski drivers. These young men cruise up and down the beach trying to sell jetski rides for $70 per half an hour. One of them has killed a little British Boy when he drove a boat onto the beach at Atlantis, crushing the toddler who was playing there.

These characters hustle the women, sell adulterated marijuana to anyone who asks for it, and are a nuisance on the beach. There have been calls to ban them regularly, however the owners of the jetskis are politicians who make money from the activities of the jetski drivers.

Pictured below is a scuffle on Cabbage Beach where one jetski driver stabs another. It was filmed by a tourist.

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