Potcake Hit By Car

I had a running series on this blog called "Potcake Says". Potcake is a well- known figure around Nassau. He pushes a shopping cart full of found hubcaps that he sells. The back of his mobile business has cardboard signs with his thoughts of the day.

Potcake was hit by a car. He has a total disregard for traffic, and pushes his shopping cart in the middle of the road. It was just a matter of time. This is a local newspaper account:

STREET philosopher and mobile hub cap vendor Potcake is being forced to take a rest after being struck by a swerving car.

The 56-year-old tourist icon is confined to his home on Balls Alley, off Shirley Street, since an accident broke his leg.

Potcake was travelling along his customary east Bay Street route, near the Department of Agriculture, and had stopped to take a break when he said he felt a car slide into his right leg.

Police are investigating the incident.

Potcake was taken to Princess Margaret Hospital for treatment.

His leg was place in a plaster cast and he is due to return to PMH today for a surgical procedure which will place a screw in his knee to supplement a bone displaced by the accident.

The street legend claims the enforced rest is costing him an average of $700 in lost income. He is also worried about the cost of today's medical treatment.

"I don't know what the future will hold," he said. "I'll find out when I get there.
"I'm losing all kind of money, especially over the weekend. Plenty people know where I live though so when they don't see me on the street they come to my house.

"I feel like I'm in prison," he said, "I used to go to the beach every morning, but now I can't go anywhere."

His hub cap-filled trolley and social commentary messages written on cardboard have become an active presence on East Bay Street and Shirley Street, and though he is currently unable to publicly display his work, he admitted that has not stopped creating his messages.

He said: "I've been writing since I came out of the hospital. All I do is sit on the porch and write, listen to the radio and read The Tribune newspaper. As long as I'm keeping busy time just flies."
The above photo is what potcake looks like when he is not looking run down.

Here is a list of Potcake Says Epigrams:

  • "Potcake Says: Anudder day, Anudder Dallor --Gone"
  • "Potcake Says: What you cryin' for ?"
  • "Potcake Says: Man who cannot make love sleeps alone."
  • "Potcake Says: Haitains gat all the Dope"
  • "Potcake Says: Yes We Can !"
  • "Potcake Says: You here what happen A? I here you broke."
  • "Potcake Says: How is your Bank Book?"
  • "Potcake Says: Erryone know dat you broke."
  • "Potcake Says: What's Cooking? Got-Layoff?
  • "Blue Pills -- What-Ever!
  • "Potcake Says: This Sweet Christmas make Love, not War. Make a baby."
  • "Potcake Says: The Ants have more sense an you this Christmas"
  • "Potcake Says: It's Christmas Time. Try to be nice."
  • "Potcake Says: You broke for Christmas too?"
  • "Potcake says: Even though you broke, keep on smiling!"
  • "Potcake Says: Not To Day.""Potcake says: Everyone want to ga a tip (Money, money, Money)"
  • "Potcake says: Who gat you broke?""Potcake says: Alcohal made from Love and War (Sex and Fight)."
  • "Potcake says: Smart People Feed Dumb People"
  • "Potcake says: You were made by Sweet-talk."
  • "Potcake says: Cheap People work you for nothing."
  • "Potcake says: Who is your daddy?"
  • "Potcake says: The debil is here!"
  • "Potcake Says: I Am Mad as Hell and Not going to take it".

My series on Potcake wasn't that popular and I abandoned it. I got to a 15th episode before I quit.

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