The Phuture of Pharmaceuticals

Here is another fearless prediction about the future of pharmaceuticals. I classed this under "things that need inventing", but I think that this prediction will happen more out of greed of the pharmaceutical companies rather than a genuine need of the people.

We all saw what happened when Viagra was accidentally invented. It because a multi-billion dollar revenue stream. That is when the drug companies first saw the light. It is more profitable to manufacture "convenience drugs" rather than to find drugs that cure diseases, alleviate suffering and make people healthy. Drug companies stopped being a boon to mankind and began to service the "luxury" niche of the drug market, which they accidentally created.

There will arise drug companies whose sole purpose is to manufacture and sell drugs of convenience. What kind of drugs? It is only limited by your imagination. Here are a few examples of what may come to pass (so to speak):

1) The "Mommy Mommy I have to pee!" drug. You have the kids in the car on a long road trip. Just like Gravol for motion sickness, you give them a drug that enables them to hold their bladders and not suffer discomfort. This will make millions. The possible side-effects are that you go humps just like a camel, but the convenience is worth it.

2) The "All Food Looks Gross" diet pill. Take one of these to the supermarket, and you won't buy junk food, because all food looks gross and makes you nauseous. Side effects might be that you will crave chalk and gnawing on wood or plastic, but at least it has less calories than junk food.

3) The Mood Multiplier Pill. Because of the social interactions of dating online, and living on Facebook and My Second Life, we will lose our capacity to genuinely feel emotions. Not to worry. Drop one of these babies and you will cry at funerals, think that your weird Uncle John is funny as hell, thoroughly enjoy visiting your aged parents in a nursing home, and actually look forward to leaving your computer screen to take out the accumulating garbage of empty pizza boxes and beer cans. This pill will be enhanced in potency and sold under the "My Life Doesn't Suck" label.

When I was first forced to read "Brave New World" by Aldous Huxley in school, I thought that the part about having a "soma" a drug to make people happy was the biggest bunch of crap that I had ever heard, and wondered what Huxley was smoking when he wrote the book. As it turns out, he could accurately foresee the future of pharmaceuticals. And it didn't matter what recreational pharmaceutical that he was using, because ultimately he was spot on in his predictions.

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