Nosequatch -- Tourist Scene Tourist Seen XV

One day I got real tired of tourists taking pictures of me, so I decided to photograph tourists. After all, many of them are more ... shall we say fascinating than Walmart people. Thus my Tourist Scene Tourist Seen photo essay feature was born.

So we were out for a Sunday drive, and as we were in front of the British Colonial Hilton, the numbers of tourists on the street start to increase. I popped out my camera. I took the above photo of tourists as they were crossing in front of us at a cross walk. I didn't think nothing of the photo.

On closer inspection, I was amazed at the size of the schnozz on the woman. She has the biggest nose that I have ever seen. She is a candidate for the elephant ward when it comes to rhinoplasty. She needs a nose job badly.

There is some good news. It would be helpful when she has to inhale peanuts. And Lord help her if she sniffs cocaine. However each to his own, and vive le difference.

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