Experiment on JPEG Photo Quality

As I play with photos in Gimp and Photoshop, when I save JPEG's it asks me what quality (expressed in a percentage) that I want to save the picture as. JPEG is a "lossy" image compression scheme, meaning that the image is stored as compressed, and when it is uncompressed for viewing, it isn't exactly true to form. Some of the detail is lost. I decided to run a test to see what the losses look like.

I thought that text would be the perfect medium to graphically see the change in image quality. I thing that I may have been wrong. Maybe a crisp image of a tree with lots of branches would be better, or a crowd picture. I will try these when I get time. However, here is the text pic comparisons:

This is 100% quality:

This is 80% quality:

This is 50% quality:

This is 20% quality:

This is 10% quality:

The image is of a sign at the beach of the One and Only Ocean Club golf course. I usually save my pictures at 90%, but I think that I will start saving them at 100%, except for the quick and dirty ones.

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