Bahamas Wine & Food Show

This is my photo essay on the Bahamas Wine & Food Show that I attended yesterday.

There was something incredibly appealing to the eye with the ice cold champagne bucket, crystal drops of condensation from the ice, the necks of the bottles sticking out, and the outdoor sunlight.

Food Servers

The warming trays with their polished silver covers.

Booths along the perimeter.

The eaters came, they saw and they conquered.

Switcher (or "Switcha" as this is labeled), was the national drink of the Bahamas before the convenience drinks like Kool Aid, Tang and Gatorade came along. It is lemonade made with lemons and limes.

More Food !!!

The Wine Tent.

An arresting colour of flag over a food booth.

The lemons were a decoration at the Greek Food Booth.

This Greek serving girl posed for me, and it shook me -- and consequently the picture.

Local, organically grown produce -- under glass believe it or not.

This is the produce that I bought from the above stall.

Seafood paella.

Tropical fruits (mameys and mangoes) for sale. I bought some.

I found it ironic that there was a food show celebrating food, when the grocery stores where we get our everyday food serve up the dregs of North American supermarket ejecta that no one else will buy, at a price that is criminal. It is no wonder that the gross tonnage of the population surpasses that of the ships' registry in this country.

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