Using Beer To Advertise the Bible

Only in the Bahamas. There have been online ads all over the place. Three bottles of beer are shown with the headline "What is better than a Beerfest?". When you click on the link, the beer bottles are X-ed out and it announces that Biblefest beats Beerfest. But wait, don't send money yet. You can win free phone cards and get Subway sandwich refreshments. Get footwashings and foot longs in one stop. Kind of like a modern re-mix of the Sermon on the Mount juxtaposed with the Loaves and Fishes miracle. I am sure that there will be a table selling DVD's and CDs the sermons and music, along with John the Baptist Steak Knives and Dead Sea Scrolls Shower Curtains.

This is in a land where most of the population earns less than $25,000 per year, yet the preachers drive Bentleys and fly private jets. One church has its own subdivision development and issues its own debit card. Not only are the moneychangers in the temple, they are now running it. You have churches with names like Our Lady of Perpetual Investment and the Offshore Hedge Fund Tabernacle.

The most interesting thing about this whole ad campaign, is the amount of money they spent on it. It appears in Google ads, on Facebook, and Lord knows where else. They will have to charge admission and take up a collection to fund this and recoup there advertising dollars. But I would like to examine the "truth in advertising" element of this ad campaign. Now if you gave me a crayon, and a cardboard box to make one sign, all that I would have to do, is roughly scrawl "Free Beer Beerfest" and everyone at the Biblefest and most of the population of Nassau would come out. That's a fact Jack.

Doesn't any see the tastelessness of peddling eternal salvation by using bait and switch tactics with beer? If they wanted to be historically accurate, they should have used wine.

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