The Unknown Thingie II

I have a fascination with objects that I have no idea what they are. In a previous blog entry, I told of a story that I read of a person who collected mysterious unknown objects, and got rid of them when he found out what they were. He once found an object so intriguing and the mystery of it was so intellectually stimulating, that when someone told him what it was, he was devastated to the point of suicide. I am dying to find out what this is, but not to the point of dying.

I was walking along the beach a couple of days ago, and this caught my eye. It was washed up.

The above is the view from one side. Here is the other side:

This is the side view:

It seems to be made of some sort of plastic compound. It also seems to be part of something that the wave broke up. It is a part of a cell phone? Does it come from a boat part? I don't know. If you do, please leave a comment. I am thinking of trying it out as a spaghetti measurer. Whatever it is, it is a "holey" object.

Are there any guesses as to what this is?

An Anonymous comment said: It's a skateboard riser, it goes between the board and truck.
I think that he may be right !!!

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Anonymous said...

It's a skateboard riser, it goes between the board and truck