Tourist Scene Tourist Seen 14 - On Incontinence

One nice thing about living in a tourist resort, is that one can go down to Marina Village at Atlantis, and listen to the live bands for free. When I take a break, I sometimes do that. I sit on the long, winding, white concrete bench in front of the luxury yachts, and listen to the band at the Bimini Road.

I had my camera with me, because a regular feature of mine on this blog is Tourist Scene Tourist Seen, where I turn the cameras on the tourists and photograph them.

So I am sitting there listening to the band when a tourist couple sits beside me. All of a sudden, I notice a yellow liquid flowing from out from under the woman, and down the white bench. I couldn't believe my eyes.

There are clean public washrooms all over the place at Marina Village, and yet this woman went when the spirit moved her. Then she got up and behaved as nothing happened. Your intrepid reporter caught the images for posterity.

I could not believe the audacity. One cannot Depends on the propriety of the tourists. Have they no shame?

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As a perfect accompaniment to this blog entry, the musical offering today is Water Music by George Friedrich Handel.


Anonymous said...

Maybe she suffers from incontinence.

Gumby said...

STFU! You've GOT to be kidding! Seriously?!?!

You would think someone who has incontinence problems would KNOW they have the problem and therefore use the various adult incontinence products out there to prevent embarassing situations such as this.

I don't know... I guess I don't have to be right either...