Things Bound For Failure

Some people just set themselves up for failure. You will fail to lose weight if you patronize the gym below. However the guy running the Pie Kitchen set himself up for success. He has the perfect location. If Mohammed cannot go to the mountain, the mountain will come to Mohammed.

Now, how can have something that you can't even spell. Wait, I can get a disease like shistosomiasis without spelling it properly, but can I achieve a dream if I can't spell it?

You would think that they would have market testing of this soup mix first before putting it out on the shelves:

How's that again? How did the boy get the deer??
I'd like to change a rowdy one for a quiet one please:

This shape is rather unfortunate:

This is advertising set up to fail. Will the food kill you? What did he do with the dismembered bits:

That might not be to some people's liking:

And she doesn't worry about the baby's health from cigarettes?

Such a deal?

Somebody tell him how a bus works:

All of these remind me of the Homer Simpson quote which paraphrased is "Trying something is the first step to failure."

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