Started Collecting Again

I've done it! I've started collecting golf balls again. The last time I did this, I got up to 3,500 golf balls. I gave a lot away to family and friends. Some of our friends in Scotland put 6 of the Ocean Club imprinted golf balls on e-Bay and got a fairly considerable sum for them (in British pounds). The bulk of them went to Captain Dave from North Carolina who is incidentally a yacht captain, but in this case, he is currently employed as a first mate on a luxury yacht owned by a billionaire.

Yesterday, when I began collecting, I did not have my mask and snorkel. I got them all by just wading. What really ticked me off, is that two of them were stolen balls. They were from the practice range at the Ocean Club. I am a bit of a golf purist, and one does not steal golf balls from the club. It is okay to use the 5 toed wedge and give your ball a kick for a better lie. It is okay to shave a stroke off your score because a bird flew by and distracted you. It is okay to take a few mulligans because you are testing the aerodynamics of an unfamiliar situation. But it is not okay to steal balls from the practice range and use them in a game of golf.

The reason why they will steal and use practice balls, is that the 17th hole is a risk/reward type of hole. The gold tees have you tee off on a bend in the beach. You have to carry the ball over the beach, and drive it far enough to reach the fairway again. It is a testosterone hole. Many men have greater levels of testosterone than of golfing ability. That is why I find so many golf balls. But it is the wimpy, cheap cowards who steal the practice balls. They know that they don't have what it takes to drive the fairway over the beach, and they are too cheap to try it with a real ball so they steal the practice balls. These people disgust me.

On another note, I see that the recession is still in place. I found a genuine autographed Jack Nicklaus ball on Golfball Beach. When I found it, it was worth $190 on eBay.
Then the price jumped to about $700 discounted to $539. It has been at that level for a year. So I will hang on to it, and wait for the recession to be over. Maybe in a few years, it will be worth a thousand or so.

And today, I have a music offering as well. In my first year of university, I used to listen to the French language stations from across the river in Quebec. I used it to improve my French, which at that point consisted of a single word -- "Cinquante" which is Fifty. It was the name of a Labatt's beer. One of the songs on the hit parade at the time, is the song below.

(thanks to Yves who found this for me)

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