On Baby Pigeons and Ghetto Pants

I thought that I had figured it out. I thought that I had solved a mystery that has been plaguing mankind ever since man has accreted together and lived in clumps in cities and towns. For where ever man has gathered, he (and she) have been joined by rats and pigeons.

Now mind you, my theory is that pigeons are flying rats. They are the street grifters of the avian world. They hang around city sidewalks, begging for your spare change -- payable in popcorn, french fries, bits of your sandwich or scraps of bread. Seagulls have elevated this to a fine art, by specializing entirely in McDonald's food. They are the fry guys in terms of human food consumption.

The Europeans and especially the French were masters at creating cuisine out of all creatures large and small. Pigeons did not escape their attentions. If you drive through France, you will see pigeonniers all over the place. They are pigeon houses. They were kept for two purposes, communications and food. Before the invention of the telegraph, France had an communications network of homing pigeons that carried messages up and down France. It was like a primitive internet, and the information packets were strapped to the bird legs. The elegant part was that not only was it an information delivery service, but it was food delivery as well. Once you got the message, you ate the delivery mechanism.

The pigeons in Europe are bred for food. They are served wholesome grains, fine herbs and flies that have not visited manure piles. Here in North America, eating a street pigeon would taste like a garbage pie.

But the big mystery plaguing mankind, is: Where are all the baby pigeons?? Think about it. Have you ever seen a baby pigeon? I haven't. You see a mother duck and baby ducks. You see mother and child in the robin family. You don't see a mother pigeon with a parade of baby pigeons, teaching them to walk the sidewalks, avoid traffic and beg for food. Do pigeons hatch full grown, already supplied with begging skills?

I thought that I had found the answer. I took a picture of my first ever baby pigeon (above). I nearly filled the whole memory card with pictures of the thing. After the 100th frame, I suddenly realized that this was no baby pigeon at all. It was a baby dove. The mystery continues.

One mystery that has been solved for me, is the mystery of ghetto pants. Why do ghetto dwellers wear their pants below their bum and around their knees. Well, the photo below solves that mystery:

And finally, I also have a musical offering that is quite quite moving. I was doing some Youtube research on Paul Simon. I came across Paul Simon in Africa. On stage, they sung the national anthem of Africa to close the concert. You will see Paul Simon singing with African superstar Miriam Makeba. The song is N'Kosi Sikeleli Africa -- or God Bless Africa. It is an amazing musical experience.

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