New Food Invention -- Coffee Crisp Ice Cream Pancakes

OK Kiddies, I have a new food invention for you. It is ice cream pancakes. It is Coffee Crisp chocolate bar pancakes. It is bran pancakes. It is fried ice cream in butter pancakes. It is all of that and more. It is served with real blueberries and a bucketful of real maple syrup. I concocted the above for my breakfast this morning. I am typing this from the emergency room. My arteries are clogged with cholesterol and I am have a sugar diabetes attack, but it was worth it.

Since I am headed back to the tropics, and most of the above-mentioned stuff is either unavailable or purchasing it depletes your retirement account, I decided to have one big blowout. I bought real blueberries. Up north, we live in maple syrup country, so the real stuff had to do. Before the Lovely One went to Scotland, she wanted a treat so I got her ice cream with her favourite chocolate bar mixed in -- Coffee Crisp. Can you see how the planets are coming into alignment?

I dumped about a cup of flour into the mixing bowl. To make it healthy, I dumped in a quarter of a cup of bran and a pinch of salt. The food pantry had some fair trade real vanilla in it. A generous portion went into the mixing bowl. I wanted to add some fat to the mix, so I melted a generous pat of butter to go into the bowl. Then I spied the ice cream. As the butter was melting, I dumped a huge dollop of ice cream into the butter. Once it melted I tasted the ice cream fried in butter. It was delicious. Into the bowl it went.

I needed an egg. I had a choice between an Omega 3, free range, organic egg laid by a chicken on a satin pillow, or a big honking no-name egg loaded with all sorts of hormones, steroids and insecticides. I went for the latter to add complexity to the taste. Besides, the ice cream ruined already ruined the health properties. To compensate for all of the bad stuff, I added organic milk to make the batter and then dumped in a generous teaspoon of baking powder.

I learned one thing. When you are cooking this up, use low heat. The sugar, caramel and various other health additives in the chocolate bar will caramelize and scorch. While black pancakes are visually appealing, the taste is of chimney creosote and old ashtray. Besides the kitchen gets smoky.

So after I did the appropriate temperature research, I was ready to fire up the Large Hadron Taste Collider and whip up the most delicious pancakes that I have ever tasted. I ate three -- smothered with real blueberries and maple syrup. I could feel the onset of diabetic coma, so I stopped. I cooked up the rest of the batter and look forward to an encore performance tomorrow.

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