Navigating Remote Computer Through a VPN

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This entry has nothing to do with the picture. The picture is just eye candy. This is a tech tip. I am doing this blog entry mainly as a reminder to myself and anyone else who finds themselves in the same predicament. You connect to a remote host via VPN. You connect, your password is accepted and then what? You want to navigate around the remote host. How do you do it? Google is no help. At least I couldn't find it. And I forgot after I successfully did it many times in the past.

The way you do it, is this way. First connect the VPN. Once you are connected successfully, you can navigate. Here is how. Let's suppose that the IP address of the remote host is Open up the "My Computer" window. In the address bar, where you see the directory listing, type; \\\c$

That gets you the C: directory of the remote host and you can click through the navigation from there. I always forgot how to do this, and now when I google VPN navigation, I will get this entry.

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