The Ghetto Senator From Fox Hill

The Parliament had its opening session in the Bahamas. The House of Assembly was full of pomp and circumstance. Governor General AD Hanna demitted office and a new Governor General, Sir Arthur Foulkes was installed. The chief justices were their in their robes and judicial wigs. The Vice Regal had his regalia. The President of the Senate wore the robes and woolen wigs as a symbol of her office. Everyone wore their badge of office or their finest clothes.

Except for the ghetto Senator from Fox Hill. Her name is Dr. Jacinta Higgs, and she wore a Halloween costume to the opening of Parliament.
Check out the hat and the gloves.

It was said that this outfit was custom made for her. I think that her milliner was the Mad Hatter who smoked crack. Some people have no shame or sense of propriety -- especially if you are a ghetto senator.

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