Friday -- The Dead Skin of My Life Today

In Bill Bryson's book, "A Short History of Nearly Everything" (scroll down for the Cosmological Cabbage Book Review ), he tells of how the human being is loaded with scads and scads of dead skin and it falls off every day feeding a plethora of mites and small bugs.

Like dead skin, these are the bits falling of my life this Friday morning. First of all, Sheryl Crow is coming to the Bahamas. If the price of admission is not the equivalent of a few carats of brilliant diamonds, I think that I will go. When cyclist and Tour de France winner Lance Armstrong was dating Sheryl, I thought that he was lucky to park his bike in her rack.

Secondly, I came across the rat trap pictured below on Paradise Island. It was empty of it's poisoned bait. I was worried about what ate all of the poison. The only thing that rat poison doesn't hurt, is rats. They use it as a digestive and a spice.

And I couldn't help but feel sorry for this lady who has lost her dog. One minute she was getting ready to inhale a dozen Krispy Kreme donuts, and the next minute her pooch was missing.
I guess the lesson here is that crack kills.

I was walking along Paradise Island Drive yesterday, and spied a smallish centipede that someone had thoughtfully squashed on the sidewalk. If you are allergic to their venom, they can be lethal.

And finally, I love the ingenuity of the ghetto fire detector.
So that is how my Friday is shaping up. It is just a usual day in Paradise. I have a luncheon meeting that could mean nothing, or mean that I have an incredible business opportunity in front of me that would be a dream of mine. It is just the dead skin of my life in the tropics.

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