First Impressions -- Back in the Tropics

I have arrived in the tropics and I am dead tired. However, I took my camera and snapped some first impressions. I took a couple of pics through the blinds, outside the bedroom window. In the background, you can see the 12th century cloisters that Huntingdon Hartford III, the A&P heir moved from France to San Diego, to the Bahamas.

Then I went and sat by the beach, and saw this ticket from a gala night in the Bahamas. I draw your attention to the dress code. It says grown and sexy. They have a word for that here. It is called jungliss, which is a contraction of jungalist. In urban talk, it is a ho. We call them painted ladies.

And finally, we have the tacky wedding setup on the beach.
One thing for sure, is that it is truly the Bahamas. Toto, we are not in Kansas anymore.

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