Dillies Almost Ripe

I can't believe it. I found a dillie tree, or sapodilla tree, and with fruit on it. And further, the tree is in a public place where I can get some of the fruit. And it is within walking distance from my house.

I love dillies. When they are ripe, they taste like pumpkin pie and ice cream sprinkled with sugar. You can actually taste the nutmeg overtones in the fruit. It is an amazing tropical fruit. What is more amazing, is that this is the tree that gives chicle -- the sap that is the base of chewing gum. That is where they get the word Chiclet for the popular brand of gum.

I was walking home from the bank machine yesterday, and decided to not take the direct route back home, and I came across this dilly tree. I won't even give any clues, because it will be stripped bare if I do. One can pick green dillies and wait for them to ripen. You can bet that I will visit it often in the next few weeks.

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