Bridge to Paradise

I am a regular on the bridge from Nassau over the harbour to Paradise Island. I have walked it many times. My Bahamian friends were amazed when I started to walking to work. It was about three miles down to the bridge, across the harbour and on to the office. The only time that I didn't do it was in the heat of the summer.

Bahamians are a car-bound people. They drive to the bathroom. The Quiznos here had the only drive-thru in North America. The way that a Bahamian woman calls her kids to dinner is "Get in the car!". I know an executive at KFC, and he tells me that Bahamians will even go through the drive-thru for the side orders to accompany what they cook for Sunday dinner. So when I tell them that I regularly cross the bridge on foot, they are amazed.

The breezes are great at the top of the bridge. There is always a slight breeze even on the calmest of days.

The other day, I was crossing the bridge, and was inspired to capture an ants-eye view for posterity.

Today's musical offering is from Mozart. A day without Mozart is like a day without sunshine. And a day without sunshine, is like ... ummmmm .... night !

And here's a Little Bit of Night Music -- literally Eine Klein Nachtmusik.

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