Things That Need Inventing -- A Mood Ring IPOD

Back in the 1970's, the hottest thing to have was a mood ring. They changed colour depending on you moods. They were quite inexpensive as well. I don't know if they worked, but I remember once getting angry at someone and my mood ring turned black, so I was convinced.

As I was going through my morning routine this morning on the computer, I searched for some suitable music for my mood. Unfortunately, I don't quite know what my mood was this morning, and thus I was struck with the great Eureka moment once again. (Sometimes genius is a heavy load to carry).

What this world needs is a mood ring coupled to your iPOD. The mood ring figures the type of music that you need and the iPOD plays it accordingly. They say that music soothes the savage beast. I am told that the correct quote is that music soothes the savage breast. That too.

Anyhoo, with today's technology, this thing should be a snap. Instead of me racing to the patent office, I think that the folks at Apple (Paging Steve Jobs) should just include this in the next release and send me a big fat royalty cheque. I will watch my mailbox for this one. And my mood ring music would be playing:

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