On Blogstitution, weird searches and other stuff

My life as a blogger has some travail to it. It is tough to coin new words these days. The Lovely One spent many hours doing her first blog and website, and I casually said that if she wanted to drive traffic to it, all she had to do, was put Michael Jackson or Karla Homolka as key words. She said that she wasn't a prostitute (in the bloggery sense). Immediately I wondered if blogstitute was a unique word, and if I would have the dubious honour of coining it. I checked with Google, and unfortunately, someone else has already thought of it.

Then I wondered if bloggery was a unique word. It wasn't. Well that sent me on a quest to invent a unique word. Shmizzle seemed like a good bet. It wasn't unique. I finally came up with a unique word -- crinshull. Unfortunately its not a very useful word, but if it ever becomes one, remember that you read it here first.

In the photo world, below is what the weather was like outside my window the day before yesterday. The beach on Paradise Island is particularly inviting as I type this.

In other word news, I got a hit from Indonesia last night. The key word was "otopsi". I was surprised that Google would find me with that word. The searcher was looking for autopsy pictures (and of course there is a Michael Jackson autopsy picture on this blog -- ok, ok, I am being a blogstitute by mentioning this).

I also got an email from a friend in China. He says that my blog is blocked there. Quelle surprise.

So, today I am back at it, watching the snow melt. Apparently a local golf course it open, but it is hard to play with mitts on. I will be back in the tropics shortly and should be able to resume my Tourist Scene pics. In the meantime, I leave you with a Rolling Stones country music song. Mick Jagger is doing a parody of Gram Parsons, from thirty years ago.

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