Google Not Censoring In China

Well, Google has finally done it. They have stopped censoring searches in China. It is about time. Regular reader of this blog will know that my own servers have been hacked from a government institution in China. You can read about that entry here:

CNN actually mentioned the above blog post when the Chinese were caught in state-sponsored hacking.

What bothers me most about China and other Communist countries, is their perversion of the literal truth. The Chinese will do dirty deeds, and when they are caught out, they say in diplomatic and other circles, that there is a slur against the peace-loving people of China.

TheChinese shoot kneeling people in the back of the head at the slightest excuse, and then put on a veneer of civility for occasions like the Olympics. Once they are off the world stage, it is back to beating dissidents, cooking up Rover with some soy sauce, and stealing technology and secrets from the West.

I am in the middle of re-reading Raissa Berg's book from the 1980's called Acquired Traits. She was a geneticist in the Soviet Union during the Stalinist times when an uneducated brute called Lysenko came into power with the ruling elite who were also a bunch of uneducated thugs. It was illegal to teach that chromosomes and genes existed. Lysenkoists preached that if you fed a starling the food of a nightingale, the eggs from those parents will have nightingale chicks in them. There was a total subversion of the truth. This is what the Chinese are doing today.

The Chinese government is two-faced. There is nothing noble about it or its constituent persons. There is nothing altruistic about the Chinese people at the levers of power. They actually live a tissue of lies that involves the most brutal repression of their own people all in the name of other motives. And that makes them something less than what noble men can be when they aspire to transcend animal selves and act on a higher moral plane. Unfortunately these ideas are Chinese to the Chinese.

Kudos to Google. There motto is "Do No Evil". It is about time that Google stopped playing the dirty Chinese games and living the lie that the Chinese tell.

As an interesting aside, this blog is hosted by Google, and Google is my search engine of choice. As I was preparing this blog entry, I got the above screen shot several times. Google appears to be under cyber attack this morning. The screen above says:

We're sorry, but your computer or network may be sending automated queries. To protect our users, we can't process your request.

Guess who? One of the traits of any evil empire, is that they are afraid of the free dissemination of information and news. They are afraid of the truth. And with the Chinese, the truth is always their first victim. Then come the human victims. There are a lot of them.

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