The Covered Bridge Today

I went for a walk today on Pine Road which is a couple of minutes from our house in the hills. In a way, I am collecting memories to carry back with me to the islands. What I like up north, is the fresh air, and the eternal promise of spring. There is a cosmic expectancy of the wonderful things that summer brings.

This bridge is at the bottom of a steep hill. The body of water that it traverses, is Meech Creek. Meech Lake is not far away. The photo above is what the bridge looked like today. The air was crisp, and the sun came out in patches only then disappeared behind the clouds. I am saving up memories to take back with me, of space, solitude, wilderness, the boreal forest, birdsong, rushing water and the big karmic hug that Mother Nature gives you in the springtime in a place where you actually have real seasons.

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