A Couple of Yards of Tea, and Other Melting Snow Memories

How much tea does the Lovely One drink -- a couple of yards, I'd say. I was out in the spring air with my camera yesterday, capturing some melting snow memories with my camera and I came upon this six-foot area of spent tea leaves.
The Lovely One drinks a whole pot of tea herself for breakfast. She makes it from loose tea leaves. And when she is done, the tea leaves get dumped from our living room balcony on the snow below. It is truly iced tea.

This is a graphic record of the couple of yards of tea that has gone through the Lovely One.

And as I was doing my daily walk along the highway, I spotted something that I thought that I would only see in Nassau. It was a discarded child's sandal.

There is one difference between a thrown-away child's sandal in Canada and in Nassau. This one was in a snow bank by the side of the road. Somewhere a kid's foot is freezing.

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