Tourist Scene Tourist Seen 11 -- The Generic Tourist

The weather has been cool, windy and "funny" lately. I haven't been swimming for days. Yesterday our walk on the beach was quite coolish, and the water was roily. The waves were high. I photoshopped a pic of Cabbage Beach:

But I do have an entry for my series of Tourist Scene Tourist Seen. This is where I photograph tourists instead of them photographing me as a resident of the islands.

The reason why the tourists below caught my eye is because they didn't initially. It struck me that here are avatars for the generic tourist. Mostly all of them look like this (except the girls in the swimsuits of course -- but that's a different story and if I start collecting pics of scantily clad nubile young bodies, the Lovely One will intervene. You can take the excuse "it's for my blog" only so far).

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