One of the Best Magazines Ever -- Intelligent Life

We have a usual Christmas tradition at our house -- the Christmas stocking. It is for adults and kids and the stocking stuffers are all neat things. For the adults, stocking stuffers include magazines, treats and small, thoughtful items that normally one would not get as a gift.

This Christmas, among the magazines that I received, was one that I have never seen before -- Intelligent Life. It is published by the same people that put out The Economist. Intelligent Life is the Wired Magazine version of The Economist, but there is nothing about the economy, numbers or any of the usual things that one finds in that relatively boring magazine.

I idly picked up the magazine to read, and was immediately fascinated. Here are some of the wide variety of topics covered:

  • The People watching the Arctic Melt
  • Turn your garden into a pig farm
  • The artist who made his own island
  • Is geography the new history?
  • The Simpson's Versus Disney
  • Are We Too Professional?
  • Colin Firth on his Career Viagra
  • The Meaning of God
  • Simon Hopkinson on Risotto
  • Usain Bolt Wrecked My Theory
  • The Magic of Leather Jackets
  • At Home with Wordsworth (the poet)
  • Europe's Best Cheeses
  • Rising and Shining -- Bright Young Jewellers
  • Ten Years of Online Shopping
  • The Sceptical Shopper tackles Cashmere
  • Niall McLaughlin, the architect behind Deal Pier cafe
  • Tasmanian Nights
  • Unrefined rooms: hotels with a large helping of nature
  • The Manhattan of the Maldives

As you can see, the topics are diverse, interesting and endless. This magazine is one of the best magazines ever!!

You can find it on the web at:

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Tico said...

maybe you'd also like Monocle magazine