The Le Soleil Page

My friend Yves is from Montreal, Canada. He lives up the block from me on Paradise Island in the Bahamas. He reads this blog regularly.

During the Christmas period, we both were back in Canada. He had taken his wife for a little trip to a bed and breakfast in a beautiful remote region of Quebec on the north shore of the Saint Lawrence River called "The Charlevoix". While his wife took a little nap, he popped in for a beer at the local bar and idly glanced through a Quebec City daily newspaper called "Le Soleil" or The Sun. On page 4, he came across a profile of this blog, the Cosmological Cabbage ruminating about the whereabouts of Canada's most famous serial killer. It was the last thing that he expected to see -- a Bahamian blog that he knew about, while he was vacationing in remote Quebec, and the story was written in French. He immediately emailed me saying that Cosmological Cabbage was following him.

Yves ripped out the newspaper page and brought it back to the Bahamas. It is pictured here. It is a small world.

In other news, last year in this blog I described my visit aboard a super yacht. I came across a picture that I took while I was aboard.
As a sign of the economic times, I am sad to report that the yacht was repossessed by the bankers last year. Even the luxury economy has its issues.

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