Brian Baumgartner -- Golf Club Levitation

Look closely at the picture below. It is of actor Brian Baumgartner who plays Kevin Malone at the fictional company Dunder Mifflin, on the television show "The Office". He is playing golf in the Bahamas.

I just noticed this pic yesterday in my archives. Do you see anything weird?

It appears that Brian is studiously concentrating and levitating his golf clubs. Check out the graphic below:
The clubs are not connected to his hands and are just hanging in mid air. (The blue line going through the picture is a rope demarcating the fairway that is in the foreground).

Actually, what I think happened, is that the camera caught him dropping his clubs, but the timing is perfect.

If this in fact is a levitation and Brian Baumgartner takes this act on the road, I want royalties.

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