My New Thinking Spot

This is my new thinking spot. In the days that I couldn't swim these waters, I would walk to the end and lean against the raised coral outcrop and think. You can actually see my swimming route as well. I walk to this end, enter the water, and swim to the white spot in the trees about a third of the way into the picture from the left.

Yesterday I could see a whole gang of needlefish just barely under the surface from this spot. They must have been ganging up on a school of small baitfish.

This weekend was a slow weekend. I played some more tennis at the One and Only Ocean Club and the weather was fine enough for swimming at the beach here, but other than that, things are dead. There aren't very many tourists, and staff at the restaurant were complaining that it was deader than a doornail. Hopefully it will pick up for the tourist industry as we progress to March.

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