Final Slew of Pics From The Michael Jordan Invitational 2010

Here is the final slew of pictures from the Michael Jordan Celebrity Invitational that was held last weekend on Paradise Island in the Bahamas.

Brian Baumgartner strides past the leader board as spectators seek Wayne Gretzky's autograph:

Eric Dickerson and actor Alan Thicke on the 18th green:

Speedskater Dan Jansen (in the red shirt) discusses his pitch to the green with teammate Stone Phillips of NBC.

Vince Coleman drives the ball as Michael Jordan looks on:

Wayne Gretzky has a cell phone moment coming off the 9th green:

Gretzky puts as Jordan looks on:

Vince Coleman on the ninth green:

Jordan contemplates his putt with the ever present Cuban cigar in his mouth:

Dr. J, Julius Erving has an uphill putt:

Brett Hull smiles for the camera coming off the number 4 green:

Big Ben Roethlisberger lines up his putt, as Janet Gretzky in black looks on:

Roethlisberger and Roger Clemens wait to putt:

Here are the official results:

1. Smoltz / Erving $40,000
2. Young / Chastain $30,000
3. Lemieux / Piazza $24,000
T4. Clemens / Roethlisberger $17,000
T4. Coleman / Baumbgartner $17,000
T6. Hull / J. Gretzky $13,000
8. Taylor / Oakley $10,000
9. Allen / Hamm $8,000
T10. Crudup / Everhart $3,500
T10. Griffey Jr. / Mourning $3500
T10. O'Neill / Cheadle $3500
13. Lofton /Show $2500
14. Doleman / Dent $2500
15. Dickerson / Thicke $2500
T16. Jansen / Phillips $2500
18. Hardaway / Tucke $2500
19. Quinn / Alexander $2500

I believe that all of the winnings are donated to charity.

This was the last of the Michael Jordan Invitationals to be held in the Bahamas. It was a ten year run. Insiders tell me that next year the venue will be Las Vegas.

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