Another Bout of Cartomancy -- Ten of Diamonds

Ottawa, Canada in the winter is something else. There was a snow storm. It was Christmas Eve. The city sidewalks had just been shoveled. Snow was falling gently. There is no trash on the streets, because the mechanized plow that patrols the sidewalks, sweeps snow and trash and all into the snow banks.

I was in front of the Jackson Building on Slater Street. Lying on the sidewalk, all by its lonesome self was a playing card. I picked it up. It was a ten of diamonds.

On two other occasions, I found playing cards, but it was in Nassau. The cards that I found in the tropics were casino discards. There was no reason why a single playing card should be lying on a clean sidewalk in a snow in Ottawa on Christmas Eve. I picked it up. It was a ten of Diamonds. Some people use playing cards as omens for foretelling the future.

Google is my friend. I googled "Cartomancy Ten of Clubs".

This is what the result was:

  • Diamonds are money, wealth, ends and means, something of value does not have to be actual money
  • The Ten of Diamonds is the "change" card, it predicts one of the following: marriage, a journey, or sudden riches. Some change is going to occur soon.
  • 10 of diamonds – You sadness will fade away
  • Ten of Diamonds= the end, completion of a cycle or period
Here is the interesting thing. A business cycle was not going to my satisfaction. I made a radical decision to end it. That decision took courage on my part, partly because humans are resistant to change and partly because it is scary to go out on a limb, and gamble with your future.

For 48 hours it looked bleak. On Wednesday I am getting on an air plane. I would say that this lone card, that had no reason to be found on a snowy Ottawa street was an incredible omen. But like I always say, it is bad luck to be superstitious.

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