Tourist Scene Tourist Seen 6

This is why it is never a good idea to rent a scooter when rain threatens in Nassau. Just the slightest bit of rain floods Nassau. In all of the Bahamas, the highest place in the archipelago is Mount Alvernia on Cat Island, and it is only two hundred feet above sea level.

These two are lucky that their scooter never died when the air intake gets flooded. I have seen that happen many a time.

But tourists think that they are just getting a bit wet. Let me tell you about the streets of Nassau. That nice warm rain water is a veritable stew of bacteria, from the potcake crap (wild dogs of Nassau), to homeless men urinating in public, to all sorts of rat feces from the millions of rats that inhabit the docks, to the tropical pathogens like nematodes and schistomiasis. Quite a nice foot bath actually.

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