The Hottest Tee Shirt in Town -- Gone

Microsoft launched Windows 7 at the technology conference that I spoke at last week. I picked up the hottest tee shirt in town for geeks. It was a bit wrinkled. Was that an omen?

Unfortunately I didn't get a chance to test drive Windows 7. I was stuck in the speakers hall and didn't make it to the workshop on Win7 and what it can do for me. I can tell you one thing. I am no fan of Vista. It has been problematic for me as a developer machine since I got it. I still prefer to do my real technical stuff on XP.

So I get this tee shirt, and I wear it out for an afternoon of shopping. The tropical heat and humidity made the wrinkles fall out. I put it on the butler in the bedroom. The other day, I was going out casually and I thought that I would wear it again before I had to wash it. The tee shirt has disappeared.

I know for a fact that it hasn't left the house. Nobody touched it, as the Lovely One was travelling to Paris and back to Canada. It is strange. But then again, I have used Microsoft Windows for a long time, and I am used to things just disappearing. Once again, Microsoft comes through in fine fashion.

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