Groom Lake, Area 51, Spy Planes and Me! The Aurora TR-3B

This is going to get a little weird, but I think that I might have seen for myself, evidence of the super secret new US spy plane. It is supposedly a flying triangle called the Aurora TR-3B.

I watch a lot of science shows and the Discovery Channel and I was always intrigued about Area 51 or Groom Lake. UFO sightings have been reported since the 1950's there. It is a known fact that the stealth fighter, the Blackbird spy plane and various other secret projects took place there.

During one of the television shows, they had an aviation expert who was shown contrails from flights originating from Area 51. Below is such an image that is freely available on the internet:

The expert explained that this was definitely not for public eyes yet. It was a new type of engine called a pulsed detonation system. This type of engine was not in production, and being tested secretly by the US. Apparently the detonation produces the scram jet effect. This was supposedly the propulsion system for the new class of super spy plane called the Aurora TR-3B.

I found this all very very interesting and thought nothing more of it -- until last Sunday. I was sitting up front on a boat coming back to Nassau from a successful spearfishing trip. The evening sky was gorgeous. I had my camera handy and snapped a pic of it. Then I noticed the weird contrail across the sky.

The contrail was interrupted by a huge cloud. X marks the edge of the huge cloud, and the contrail continued to the left (south) of the huge cloud.

On the other side of the cloud, the contrail was fresh, and the detail was disturbing. I immediately recognized the weird pattern from the TV show on Area 51 that I saw:

I zoomed in on it. It definitely was not an ordinary jet contrail.

Further magnification showed that I in fact was seeing the contrail of a pulsed detonation propulsion system. I was fascinated and snapped many pics of it. So the rumors of the Aurora TR-3B seemed to be true. It would be a natural to test it over the Bahamas. After all, there is already a military facility called AUTEC, and every once in a while after AUTEC activities, whales are found dead on Bahamian beaches.

The Aurora has been photographed in the UK at a test facility.

Below is a photograph of the Aurora on a test flight in the US:

The graphic below, is supposedly a schematic of the new plane:

I am amazed that while I was on the ocean, I would actually see the contrail of a pulsed detonation system that I saw on TV. And it was over the Bahamas. Strange !!!!

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