This just in ... aasddfasfsdafsadfsdafsadfaasdfdsafdsa

The Tribune here in Nassau now has an online version. You will recall that by publishing two year old internet rumours, they started this blog, the Cosmological Cabbage on its way to becoming THE Karla Holmolka Canadian Serial Killer Blog (Just google "Karla Holmolka 2009"and watch this blog come up first in the Google rankings).

So I was scanning the Tribune, mainly because my name was in the newspaper, and I came across the above headline. I am still trying to decipher wha aasddfasfsdafsadfsdafsadfaasdfdsafdsa means. It looks like a keyboard symphony for the left hand or something. It is not local native patois because there are too many syllables. But rather it could be an indication of the local standards of editing and quality control.

So what was I looking for in the online version of the paper? It was the article below which featured me prominently:

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