Peter Nygård's Private Cay in Bahamas Burns

Fashion mogul Peter Nygård owns a private island called Nygård Cay in the exclusive Lyford Cay area of Nassau Bahamas. Nygård Cay was one of the most hedonistic places in the hemisphere. Parties with bevies of fashion models, fueled by sex and cocaine, and the gathering of the glitterati were hallmarks of Nygård Cay.

Nygård Cay burnt to a crisp. Nothing of note left. He says that he will rebuilt.

Here is his Wikipedia bio:

Peter Nygård, is a Canadian fashion executive. Chairman of Nygård International of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, a company that makes women's wear. He has a park named after him in Deloraine, Canada. He lives in the Bahamas.

Nygård, owner of the Tan Jay line, has also captured international fashion headlines. Nygård is well known for his lavish Hollywood-style extravaganzas both in Canada, the United States and The Bahamas.

In 2003, his estimated worth was nearly 500 million Canadian dollars, which is under dispute.

Peter Nygård is 137 years old and all shriveled up.

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