Jollification and Tipping

Oh the irony. Every year, the Bahamas National Trust has Christmas Jollification. I had never heard of the word Jollification before I landed in the Bahamas. I attended Jollification last year. It is one huge Christmas festival and craft sale. It is held in the National Trust Retreat which is an acreage in the middle of Nassau chock-a-block full of tropical trees and plants resembling a botanical gardens mixed with a jungle. I am a member of the Bahamas National Trust, and the weekend is always a blast.

In years past, all of the booze was free, and it was all you can drink. It was really a jollification. Last year and this year, the booze is still free, but you just get a taste. Of course, you can buy more, but the unlimited tap ended.

This year, I am not in Nassau at the moment, and missing Jollification. However, I am getting the cold and winter wonderland, something that never comes to Nassau.

On other fronts:

Cosmological Cabbage is tipping again with an big increase in blog hits the past two days. Thank you.

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