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This is a fraud alert for companies operating in the Caribbean. The scam artist in question is David Phillips of Tampa Florida. Some of his aliases are David Fox, and others. His Facebook name is Slick369 and his gmail address is His full name is

TAMPA FL 33625

His putative wife is also listed as an officer of the the company

TAMPA FL 33625

This is presumed as a child of his as an officer of the company.
TAMPA FL 33625

His operating names are and

Caribebay Mall - Tampa

Caribebay Mall - Tampa

According to the Florida Business registry he also operates Rummi Incorporated which in 2008 was registered as a non-profit organization for teaching the children about the environment. The corporation was transferred to him by Cynthia K. Kiper.

The way that he operates is that he contacts companies in the Caribbean and elsewhere, and takes the name of the person who spoke to him. He claims to be selling ads on his website. After an initial phone call, he puts up a 5 minute html page on his website, and calls for payment of $954 dollars. He claims that a "verbal contract" was made, and he quite insistently phones for payment. His operation preys on a collection scam for dubious work. Here is a report from our company:

Report Date: 5th November 2009
Incident: Island Yellow Page Scam

Island Yellow Pages (IYP) made initial contact with by placing a phone call to our Freeport Office on September 11, 1009, speaking with ..., the office supervisor.

From that conversation with , the caller claims that a “verbal contract” was entered into, where Island Yellow Pages would have provided to a website, and various online yellow-page listings. This offer could not be accepted as ... is not authorized to bind the company into a contract, the authority of which is held solely by Head Office management.

Island Yellow Page representatives were referred to the Head Office after repeated calls were placed to the Freeport Office demanding payment for services supposedly rendered. This call was taken by , ...Managing Director, at which time a request was made to IYP to provide by email, a copy of a contract, and evidence of any works that may have been done on behalf of the . To date, this information has not been provided.

On September 21, 2009 Pete, a person claiming to be an IYP representative, sent an email to , Asst. Manager Operations, that included an invoice totaling $954.00 representing 12 months of “Island Yellow Page Listing”. Subsequent to the receipt of that email, discussed with Pete ( via telecom that: not authorized to enter into any contracts on behalf of
That such a contract had to be approved by Head Office Management
That had no desire to engage IYP, nor would it be interested in a yellow-page listing with them, or any other service they provided.
That no work was delivered to...
That ...would not make payment to Island Yellow Pages or honor any claim from IYP against it

On November 5, 2009 at approximately 9:39am, another call was received by Head Office, this time from a person identifying himself as David Fox, Customer Service Representative of Island Yellow Pages. , <....> participated in this call with David Fox by telephone conference. David Fox, after being asked for the contact details of the company he represented, could not immediately provide us with a Registered or Head office address for his company, claiming that he “didn’t know it off hand” and would “look up that information in his computer”. After having us placed on hold, David Fox indicated that his company’s information was:

7821 N Dale Mabry Highway (Ste. 200)
Tampa, Florida
Tel: 813-933-5206 ext 313
Fax: 305-395-5200

David Fox indicated that he was in fact at the address that he provided at the time of the telephone call. Strangely, he had said earlier that he did not know his company’s address “of hand”.

...reiterated to David Fox that was not then, and is not now authorized to enter into a binding agreement. Further, that even after making a request, no contract or completed work was delivered to , and finally, that would not pay any moneys to Island Yellow Pages.

...also indicated to David Fox that further research carried out revealed that The Tampa Better Business Bureau rates Island Yellow Pages (and its listed principal, one David Philips) as a D+ Fraudulent company, and that an official complaint would be initiated by with the Tampa District Attorney’s office. It was noted to David Fox that the practices of his organization were unethical and possibly illegal.

David Fox then ended the call.

David Fox called again, and was advised that we could not accept the call at that time.

It is suspected that David Fox is in fact David Phillips. He is a 1996 graduate of Gaither High School in Tampa Florida, and he is a fraudster and scam artist. Here are some more internet reports of his scams:

David Phillips, Mark, Terry, Ginger, Jennifer I was hired at 10 dollars, but paid less than minimum wage. Tampa Florida

David Phillips, Mark, Terry, Ginger, Jennifer
Phone: 813-262-0295
7821 N Dale Mabry Highway Ste. 200
Tampa, Florida 33614

I was hired by david phillips, or if that's what he calls himself. I was let go for no reason. I was paid less than minimum wage and never received my last paycheck.

They screen their calls down there, when I call they immediatley hang up and don't re-answer their phone again. I was working as a collector and trying diligently at first to do my job. What I found out by working their accounts was the (Island media yellow pages), were scamming people on the carribean islands by promising them web pages and posting them immediately.

The only offered a web page and charged $954 for their so-called service. My job was to collect the debt from them that the scammers like terry, mark, ginger, dave phillips and the rest of their partners in crime have cheated these honest people trying to get business in this depressed economy. I talked with the clients who didn't pay and they said they didn't want the service after they saw what they were offered, which was nothing but a email page with their business name on it.

The clients said that (island media yellow pages) scammed them by not letting them cancel if the didn't like what the saw. It even says in their so-recorded message that they could cancel by going to their web page and simply hitting cancel contract. Well, the clients did so and obviously to no avail. There credit card was billed and when they tried to get their money back they couldn't.

I was told by mark the so-called scammer yes man for david phillips to run a credit card which he attempted to and it would not go through because he told me to call the client and get the cvs number on the back of the card and I wouldn't do it. The next day I was fired. The said I was simply unsuitable for the job.. Terry my so-called co-worker, was reporting everything I did to mark and david phillips and jennifer another scammer who sits and does nothing all day, except make sure that her money is still rolling in..

Yes, these people belong behind bars and getting their money back is should be number 1 on the prosecutor's desk....

And yet another:

Warning to anyone looking to do business with Caribebay or Island Yellow Pages. Owner David Phillips aka crook. David is being investigated by the State of Florida for FRAUD and by the Florida Labor Board. With over 200 BBB complaints anyone wanting to do business with these company’s should seriously think twice!!

Caribebay Mall - Tampa

We are forwarding this information to the Florida Fraud Line. In the meantime, you should avoid these individuals. Remember, you do not owe them money even if they say so. David has the con artist balls of brass and the con artist bravado.

If you deal with this individual, please report him to the fraud hotline in Florida: Fraud Hotline: 1-866-966-7226

Update: We reported these individuals and companies to the Florida Attorney General's Office. Attorney General Bill McCollum acknowledge our complaint and said it was going to be investigated.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing this information to us! It is so important!

Anonymous said...

I can confirm exactly the same scam from Island Yellow Pages and Stone, Thomas & Goldberg collection agents. Beware.

Anonymous said...

These people are the scum of the Earth.

They even hounded my business partner at his home while he was dying of Cancer.

They kept harassing our company for after he died , but we just did not take them on .

Anonymous said...

My Company fell victim to this scam. around the same time you posted this blog.

In my country FBI has no jursidiction and even if they try to threaten me with lawyers to pay another set of $700 Usd to Renew . i have gotten back at them.

i searched for their profiles on facebook and created new photos with tags on them , totally embarrassing them and forwarding the info to all of their staff.
lol.. about 20 mins later "ginger called " and was threatening me.
I told her to bring it..
cuz there is no way my case would lose.

in my rage i called them several times and cursed them and left messages... i gave them an alias name, in my emails , and when they call for me at work... my co workers say there is no person by that name working

i got a friend in Guam to set up a Facebook Group "IslandYellowPages is a Scam: if you have been Scammed join this group
Thanks for your blog post, your information helped us get the proper names for david phillips, she managed to find a photo of him on facebook and we have uploaded it to the group.

justice will prevail..
if not ... there is always revenge... lol

thanks so much and have a pleasant night

Tony Destroni said...

thanks for the information . i have read his name on my paginas amarillas . Im lucky that i have read you post before i make a call .

Anonymous said...

WARNING-These folks are still at it--making calls around St. Thomas and entrapping unwary small businesses. We filed a cpmplaint with the FL Better Business Bureau, the FL Attorney General's Office and the Federal Trade Commission--doesn't do much. This unethical outfit has now filed a lawsuit requiring personal appearance in TAMPA--all to collect $954 and now legal fees. HANG UP immediately on any call from this outfit--more importantly--make sure you advise your employees.

Anonymous said...

I have fallen victim to these horrible people as well! I was told the service would be $59.50, so I agreed. Then, it turned out to be $59.50 per month! I tried to get out of it and they said they would take me to court. I finally agreed to make the payments monthly, and now they are charging me a $7.95 service charge for paying by credit card! I have filed a complaint with VISA against them, but doubt it will get me any compensation. These are truly awful unethical people.

Anonymous said...

This is so true and absolutely %100000 correct. This people are dirty scam artists and they have been trying to get $2000 from me and my past business since April of this year. Every day they call with a new rep or a new owner. They call and report a different amount owed. Their fake reps are so unprofessional you can actually hear the others in the background laughing and conversing about your account which is suppose to be private. This is pure BULLSHIT...don't fall for it. I have used fake names saying that I have spoken to this person on a previous day and they completely go with it. They don't say..oh we don't know this person or we may have a mix up...anything. They just go with it. Their amatuer thieves stealing large amounts from innocent people.

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness, they called me just today harassing me, thankfully I didn't give them any money but they are very persistent and rude! Thank God I found all this information on them. May the Lord have mercy on their disgusting souls.

Anonymous said...

They are still at it, but hopefully it will all be over soon. A few days ago a story was released by Belize 5 News, it exposed the scam of IYP and interviewed several business owners who had been harassed. I worked for them for a little while, and actually still have access to their client email list. So for Christmas I sent a mass email exposing the fraud, telling people not to pay, and to spread the word.

Anonymous said...

ISLAND YELLOW PAGES IS AT IT AGAIN. Do not be intimidated by their statements that the recordings with your voice on it is a legally binding contract. Caribbean laws on this are very different from that in the USA and verbal consent on a recording does not make you legally bound to any terms and conditions of service that were not disclosed to you. Island Yellow pages is a website that does not show up on any search for yellow pages on any of the major search engines and your listing with Island yellow Pages is not getting the exposure you are paying for. You can cancel their service even if you have consented to it and later changed your mind. They are playing a game of entrapment with the islanders by praying on our ignorance.

Anonymous said...

Anyone dealing with Island Yellow Pages should visit this link. It explains their scam in detail.

Anonymous said...

Be aware that these alias (SARA STONE/ DAVID PHILLIPS/ DAVID FOX) are frauds working under the name of Island Yellow Pages/ Island Media, Dolphin Bay Advertisement and Stone thomos and Goldberg. They have also tried to pursue businesses here in Bermuda. This is a helpful to those also targeted by these fraudulent people you can contact and forward on these people to the National Fraud Center in Washington DC for investigation.

Anonymous said...

Since they are in Florida, I stringly recommend that you contact and file a complaint with the Florida Attorney General's Office at They may not be aware of the problem.