Incredible Investment

I have thousands of golf balls that I have retrieved from the beach at the One and Only Ocean club. A lot of celebs play there, including Jack Nicklaus. He autographed a ball, played with it and lost it in the ocean. I retrieved it on one of my golf ball forays.

When I realized what I had, I googled the value of it. It was about $125 on eBay, and I was quite pleased. That was last year.

This year I checked the value of a ball again. I was flabbergasted. It had jumped to $677.60, discounted to $539. It was a meteoric jump in value.

That is a 439% to 542% appreciation in value over a year. If you had bought one last year and held on to it, it would have been an incredible investment. Lady Luck gave me my Jack Nicklaus autographed golf ball for free.

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