Beautiful Sunday -- Missy Burgess

It was a beautiful November Sunday in the hills. The Lovely One and I went for a hike near the village of Wakefield. We didn't mean to end up in the village, but that is where the trail that we were hiking on took us. Pictured above is the train station in Wakefield.

On the main street was a cafe called Le Hibou (French for The Owl). The original Cafe Le Hibou was a famous Canadian landmark where many Canadian folksingers of the 1970's were started. We poked our heads into the cafe. The entire place is decorated in retro tables and chairs.

What immediately caught my attention, was a singer songwriter sitting in a well lighted window, with an incredibly authentic voice, crooning the blues as well as other favourites while strumming a big Gibson guitar. The sound was captivating. Just by chance the local newspaper was there and immediately posted an online bit:

The singer songwriter's name was Missy Burgess. She was an incarnation of a female Tom Waits. It is rare that I get "grabbed" by a sound. We looked around the cafe and stepped back out to continue our hike. Instead of doing just that, we went back into Le Hibou, sat by the fire and ordered hot chocolate, while enjoying Missy singing her songs.

I bought one of her CD's and it is eminently listenable. She not only croons a good ballad, but she has the soul of a blues singer. This is a scan of the CD that I bought.

Like the other songwriter that I have profiled on Cosmological Cabbage -- Paul Grady, Missy deserves fame and fortune for her talent.

She can be found on the web at

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