One True Sentence

I was reading Ernest Hemmingway's biography. He wanted to write the "one true sentence". He wrote six as writing practice. These are the true sentences that sprang to mind as we were walking from the beach from our morning swim.

He roared past us in a car with a spoiler on it that cost more than the car itself.
He replaced the muffler with a resonator to give the engine a throaty roar.
He had urban hip-hop blasting from the speakers.
He has a sticker that says "No Fear" on the back of the car.
He has a decal of Bob Marley toking a joint on the side of the car.
He had to brake every 250 yards for the speedbumps but roared on fearlessly fast to the next one.
He works in the hotel laundry.

This is my short story for today.

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