How to Rejuvenate Pineapple

We had some pineapple sitting around in the fruit bowl. When I got around to cutting it up, it was a little past its prime. On top of that, it was way too immature when it was picked, and so it never developed the sugars that it should have.

When I did cut it up, it was a little bland, and because of the lack of sugars, tasted soapy. I wasn't going to toss it because there was essentially nothing wrong with it. It was just a little flat.

I cut it up and put the spears in a freezer bag. I squeezed the juice of an entire lime on it. Then I took an ounce of golden rum and dissolved three teaspoons of powdered sugar in it. I dumped it all over the pineapple, sealed it up, and put it in the fridge for a day or two.

The pineapple, after marinating was absolutely delicious.

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