Bob Marley Resort Nassau

Bob Marley's wife Rita runs an upscale resort on Cable Beach in Nassau the Bahamas. It is a high dollar funky little boutique resort. The style is rattan colonial with woven palm thatch roofs, and interiors that look like a cross between Bombay Company and tropical manor houses.

The resort is secluded and wooded with a series of buildings in a verdant garden with paths to each building. The path to the restaurant and bar has a small stream running through it with stepping stones reminiscent of Duns River Falls in Jamaica.

A bunch of friends invited us to go and dine outdoors and listen to the music. The musicians were wonderful and talented, however the genre of music was oldies on morphine. Several Bob Marley cover songs were done in incredibly slow time. It was reggae muzak elevator music.

The bar was a happening place and looks like a convivial place for drinks.

There were only four entree items on the restaurant menu and the jerk chicken roulade was the most inexpensive at $36 dollars. In short, the place is a total cash-ectomy -- surgical removal of all of your money. They were out of the two white wines that I chose, and I had to go with a $40 bottle of Chardonnay that goes for $9 in the liquor store up the street.

The food was tasty. There wasn't enough heat in the jerk chicken for my taste, and the portions were adequate, but on the sparse side.

The surroundings and ambiance are nice. One of the rooms in the hotel is dedicated to Bob and has pictures of him, his white father, various people in his life and one of his Gibson guitars hanging on the wall.

All in all, it was a nice evening, but the negative factor was the high cost of the food, that wasn't reflected in the taste or value. I would say that if you don't mind spending the cash, it is an okay place. The rooms start at over $200 a night, so bring two wallets.

in other news,

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