Adding Zing to a Fruit Salad

I am ever the experimenter by nature. I have accidentally discovered how to really add zest and zip to a fruit salad. Here is the back story:

A house guest of ours that was coming to dinner, remarked that she liked Appletini's. To make an appletini, one needs sour apple schnapps. I bought some. Booze is cheap here and I think that the bottle cost me $12. Our guest never did have the appletini. The bottle sat on the liquor shelf. My youngest daughter cracked the bottle and used a couple of ounces for some of her drinks when she stayed at our house in the tropics for a week.

Yesterday I made a fruit salad out of pineapple, mango, grapes and oranges. I wanted something to tie all of the flavours together so I threw in a jigger of the Sour Apple Schnapps. That was the ticket. It made the fruit salad. It has a bit of sugar as well in it, so everything came together nicely.

I have just found a way to use the rest of the bottle. Appletini's are bubble gum drinks that are gross. They are a waste of alcohol.

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