The Trouble with Technorati

Technorati used to be the name in the blogsphere. They have continuously declined. At one point the website was down for over a month.

In spite of the fact that they have lost their authority in the blogsphere, I used to check out my ranking. It was fun to watch. My original ranking was 2.6 million out of more than 7 million blogs.

I was pleased when my blog ranking dropped below two million. In the shot below, it is at 1,112328 million.
It got as low as 1,102,000 million and dropping like a rock. My hits numbers are climbing every day. I have a respectable amount of visitors to my blog, and I should monetize it, however, I am in the Bahamas, and it is a pain to do so in a country with a non-convertible currency.

So, when Technorati finally came back on line, I idly checked out my blog ranking. To my dismay, it dropped unexpectedly. See below:

Don't forget that the lower the number, the better your position. I thought that this would be a mistake, corrected after a few days, but no such luck. This bears to relation to my popularity and increased hits.

Sadly, Technorati has really declined as the arbitrator of the blogsphere.

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