Blog Hits Revisited Again -- Sexy Words

I am still fascinated by what the blogsphere is teaching me about blog hits. Take a look at my stats that I captured yesterday. They tell you the top dozen most popular pages on my blog. The Michael Jackson autopsy photo beats its next nearest competitor by at least 14 times.

And when you examine the next three most popular entries, they all deal with Karla Homolka, the Canadian serial killer. Throw in femme fatale Anna Nicole Smith, ghetto weddings, ghetto proms and how to hack swipe cards, and you have a pretty good picture of why people come to this blog.

I follow the requirement of putting up fresh content almost every day. That puts me in good stead with Google, because that is one of their criteria in search page rankings. The fresher the content, the closer to the top that you page shows up in search results when someone plugs in search terms that are in your page.

The second secret to bringing visitors to the pages, is to have lots of tags. The more search tags that you have, the better the chance that you have of getting picked up by the search engines.

But the nut that I haven't cracked yet, is web page stickability. My whole thing is to convert a visitor sent by Google into a regular reader. If you will note in the above stats, I have only 47 people looking for the generic blog while I have a couple of thousand looking to see Michael Jackson sliced and diced in a giant vege-matic.

To over come the stickability problem, I have been conducting some experiments. I have been changing the headers on the blog hoping to pique the readers interest. If the reader came looking for Michael Jackson, I want them to read about Carnival Cruise ripoffs, or Avagadro's Ants, or life in the tropics.

To effect these experiments, I changed the rather existential "Stream of Consciousness in the Islands in the Stream". That didn't work too well with people wanting to see Michael Jackson and serial murderers.

So I switched to Jimmy Buffet lyrics, in the hope of playing up on the tropical theme. That improved the situation a bit, but not a whole lot. The next experiment had to have a bit of psychology behind it. I decided to Google the sexiest words in the English language and embed them in the picture of Cabbage Beach at the top of the blog.

I found a list of sexy words as compiled by members of the Calgary Association of the Romance Writers of America. From the list, I wrote the header that you now see. It improved my stickability a lot. People would click on other links. At this point, an observant person would say "If it worked, why do you have only 47 hits to the blog". The answer was obvious. Most of the 2,000 people that come looking for the Michael Jackson picture, do not speak English. Back to the drawing board.

Here is the canonical list of sexiest words in the English language:

ablaze adventurous afterglow alive allure astonished ambiance ample animal animated anxious artistic attain aural awaken bed bite blazing blend blithe blowing bosom breezy bronze brooding bulge bursting calm capricious caring carouse ceaseless chasm cherish cherubic chiseled course compatible constant content contortion covert cram crazy dancing dangerous daring decadent decent delicate demure desire diffident dreamy drowsy dwell eager earthy easily ecstatic effusive electrify enfold enigma enrich erotic eternal ethereal evocative evoke expose exuberance eyelash fabric facile familiar fantasy fascinate fathom feathery feisty feline fickle fidgety figment finesse fleshy flirt florid fluid foamy frenetic frisky frontal furtive fury fuse gait gallant gap gentle glad glimmer glitter gloomy glorify glorious gorgeous great greedy groan groin grope guarded guide gush habit hair haven hazy headstrong heady heart heavy hidden hiding hollow hope hug humid hunger husky hysterical icy idealistic illuminate illusion image imagination immense impish impulse incendiary incite indecent in-depth indiscreet infinite inflame inflate infuse inhibit innocent insistent intense interpersonal interval intimate intoxicate irascible itch ivory jam, jaunty jealous jiggle jubilant juicy jut keep kind kindle kinky lacy languid large laugh layer laze leak lightly like limber linger lingering lipstick liquefy liquid listen livid lonely loose love lovely lubricate lucky lust luster macabre mad magnetize maintain majestic marital masterful maze meadow memory mere merge mesmerize miracle mirage mirror moderate modest moisture moment moon motivate mutual mystify mythical naked natural nerves niche nude nurse nurture nymph odor oily ooze opalescent opiate oral organ overcome pace pacify pale palm partake passionate pause peek penchant perceptive persuade pet petal petulant pillow pique please pliant plunge plush poke polish pout pretty private probe provocative provoke quake quality qualm quantity quiver radiate rare rave ravish real realize rebel recline redolent refreshing relax release reluctant renew replete repose ride rise rock roll romantic rosy rowdy ruffle satiate satisfy saturate saucy savage scamp scanty scent scheme scintillate scorching secluded scream selective sensational sense sensuality sensuous sentimental serious sexual sexy shadow shady shallow share sheer shell shoot show shy sight silhouette silky silvery simulate sincere sinewy skimpy sky sleepy slender slide slim sly slow slowly smolder smooth sober sopping sordid soul sparkle spicy spiritual spill springy squirt star stare starlight starry startle stay steal steamy stiffen stimulate sting stare stormy straddle straight strip strive stroke stun subconscious sublimate submerse submit succulent suffer sulky sultry sumptuous sun surf surge surreal surreptitious surrogate svelte swap sweet sweetheart swell swept swim tame tan tangy tantalize taper taste tawdry tear tell tenacity tender tense thrill throes tight tingle titillate tongue touch true trustful tumultuous unbelievable understand undulate unfamiliar vacant vacuous vain valley value vapid vaporous variant variety vast veil velvet venal venture verve vibrate violate virginal virtue virtuous virulent vicious vision vivacious vocal volcano wake wanton watery wet whimper whisper wild wind winter wistful worthy writhe x-rated yacht yearn yield zany zealous zest zone

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